Whose Got Next?

Peters Hall

If you’re a fan of basketball, and feel the need to show off your skills, then Peters Hall is where you want to be.

“Whenever I ask my friends if they want to go to Peters, they assume that I mean basketball, so some of them back out of the offer”, said RU sophmore Charlie Stoner.

There is a reason as to why Charlie’s friends don’t bother whenever they hear the name Peters. 

Getting a chance to play there is an achievement in itself. Many students have complained about overcrowding and having to wait long periods of time in order to get on the court.

“I’m not a big fan of full court games. I think it’s a little selfish. That’s not what Radford is about”, said Stoner.

It seems like there are unspoken rules and regulations that students abide by to. If you’re not apart of the full court game that is held on the main court, then you have to sit on the sidelines.

On top of that you better have four other people to play with if you wish to get a game in. For some people that can be a problem because they might not know anybody.

With these policies, playing at Peters has almost turned into a tournament. Some students want to go to Peters to just shoot around, but these elimination games can take up time.

“I remember when people used to come up to Radford in 98-02 to get full court games in at Dedmon, if only it was open now”, said RU alum Jessie Furey.

The Dedmon Center used to be open to all students, but in early 2009 Dedmon Center became exclusive to only incorporate student athletes.

“Dedmon gave us the opportunity to get more full court games in. People were able to shoot 3’s and run the floor but with Peters that’s extremely difficult to do”, described Furey.

On certain days, Peters Gym gets closed to hold various tournaments and activities thus making it even more difficult to play basketball.

“Sometimes they’ll close the gym off for something like intramurals, which I don’t understand when they can go to Dedmon to do all that”, said Junior Robert Denfeld.

Peters Gym is virtually the only place to play basketball. There are outside courts down at Hunter’s Ridge, but walking down there can be tiring. You also have to worry about the weather. Then of course Dedmon is closed to student athletes only.

It looks like playing at Peters will have to do for students until the new fitness center is built. Until then all you can do is ask “Whose Got Next”?


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