Bookstore Receives New Look

The Radford University on campus bookstore has gone through some renovations. If you’ve ever been inside latley, you’ll notice that it looks a tad bit different.

A new “Apple” section has been integrated into store where students can find all things Macintosh related.  

The new look process began in July 19th and finished on the 30th according to one of the managers. During this time period, the store was worked on by halves, and was still open to the public.

So with all of this being done, how would students react to the new look?

“I think it looks very organized and neat. I can easily find what I need with the signs”, said RU freshman Michelle Bouse.

Another student by the name of Andrea was very short and to point with her impressions.

“I like the way its setup”, said the freshman.

What about the people that work there? How would they react to the changes?

“I’ve been working here since the fall of 2007 and I can say that I’ve seen more traffic. Better merchandise and new fixtures have made the store more appealing to people”, said Krystal Smart.

The bookstore has in fact been renovated. Sooner or later change has to come.


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