Virginia 2010 Elections: Republicans Own the State

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What a day it’s been as the polls have come to a close. In a surprising twist of fate, the Republicans enjoyed a very successful day all throughout Virginia.

Long time House Representative incumbent Rick Boucher was dethroned by Morgan Griffith in the 9th district.  Robert Hurt defeated Tom Perriello in the 5th district and Bob Goodlatte won the 6th district. 

What’s also surprising about this election is how much people came out to vote. For the state of Virginia, about 46% of people came out to vote. The 9th district had about 47.7% of their voters come out to support their candidates. 

This is probably a reason as to why the Republicans saw a lot of success for the day.

Usually for an election like this, you’ll hardly see anybody come out to vote. This is how it is for the most part if it’s not a presidential election. During Obama’s campaign, you saw a lot of groups around the city of Radford trying to get people to go out and vote. Radford University had tables setup all throughout campus for students to come out and vote. 

As it turned out for this election surprisingly, voters came out to support their candidates. A voter by the name of Susan talked about her conversation with one of the poll workers.

“I was talking to the people inside and they told me that they had seen double of what they were expecting.”

For most of these polling places, voters had to choose their candidates electronically. Whenever technology is present, you tend to see people shying away from its presence, but that wasn’t the case today. Liz, a Radford citizen recalls her experience with electronic voting.

“It was simple and easy. All you have to do is just hit the button.”

Another Radford native by the name of Todd felt the same way.

“The setup was done very well. It speeds up the process and makes things go very quick. This was one of the few times I’ve voted, and didn’t have to wait.”

This is an election that will go into the history books as people came out to vote. The Republican Party now has momentum for future elections. Is this election a sign of things to come? Who knows, but the Republicans are definitely feeling good about the results.

Meanwhile the Democrats are back to the drawing board and can only hope that something like this doesn’t happen again.


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