About Me

Who is Thalmus? 

Thalmus Thomas is the name. I’m a big fan of the game of football. I used to play pee wee football as an offensive lineman but I never continued that dream. I had a career ending asthma attack and that sidelined me from playing football for the rest of my life. It didn’t really phase me because I was young and football wasn’t really a passion of mine at that time. As I grew older, I realized how great the game really is. Fast forward some years and here I am on this website. Had I played football, I would have played either the WR or RB position.

Thalmus Analysis on Himself:

Thomas has good soft hands and is able to nab in just about every pass that is thrown his way. One would think he’s part of a circus the way he makes the acrobatic catches. He runs smooth and crisp routes. Loves to make defenders miss after the catch and can do it in a multitude of ways. Very slippery and does not like to be tackled. Not overly fast, but has deceptive speed and is fast enough to get behind defensive backs. Thalmus is more quick than he is fast and is able to get himself out of sticky situations.

Weaknessess: A small player. Not that much of a physical threat. Depends on his athletic skill way too much and looks to make the highlight reel a great deal. Needs to work on his technique because defenders at the next level won’t miss those tackles.
With that being said Thalmus will find his living as a return man in the league.

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