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College football season is just about over and that means the NFL Draft will soon be here. Each year, players from different colleges embark on that journey to make a living in the league. The transition from college football to pro football is a very hard task. Not every player gets chosen in the draft. That’s just the way it is. From the looks of this upcoming draft class, there’s going to be lots of talent coming out.
What I’ll be doing on this website is giving you my opinion on 5 players who I believe will be successful in the league from day one. I feel that each of these players will make their NFL owners look like geniuses. They will definitely have positive impacts on the teams that they land on:
Ndamukong Suh #93
Position: DT
School: Nebraska
Year: SR
Height/Weight: 6-4/300
2009 Stats: Tackles: 82 Sacks: 12 Int: 1
Analysis: An absolute monster in the trenches who possesses a motor that does not stop. Are you sure this guy is a DT? He’s too athletic to be a defensive tackle. Suh could probably play corner by the way he moves. Treats opposing offensive lineman like rag dolls and tosses them all over the place. He gets into the backfield so much and so quickly that you would think he knows what the opposing offensive coordinator is calling. Has unbelievable strength and is an excellent bull-rusher. He’s such a good athlete that you can switch him out to defensive lineman to rush the passer. Could play in either a 4-3 or 3-4 scheme. If I was an owner of an NFL team, I would consider this guy even if I’m set at DT. He is a very special talent. Could be the next Warren Sapp. If Suh is not chosen within the first 3 picks of the draft, pigs will start flying.
Weaknesses: None really. Yes he’s that good, but being a playmaker at the DT position is difficult, especially in the NFL.
CJ Spiller #28
Position: RB
School: Clemson
Year: SR
Height/Weight: 5-11/195
2009 Stats: Att: 201 Yards: 1,145 TDs: 11
Analysis: What is the definition of a playmaker? The answer is CJ Spiller. You talk about someone that portrays each and every letter of that word. Spiller strikes fear into opposing defenders’, defensive coordinators’, and opposing fans’ hearts. A threat to score each time he touches the ball no matter where he is on the field. What makes him even more dangerous is his versatility. If you want him to return punts, kicks, and catch passes, no problem. Spiller does it all and is successful at each one of them. Spiller has unbelievable game breaking speed, and when he gets to the secondary, you’re not going to catch him. He is an absolute terror to tackle and has an arsenal of shake moves at his disposal. This guy will indeed be a special player in the NFL and whoever drafts him will see what I mean.
Weaknesses: Size and Durability. Injuries have always plagued Spiller while at Clemson and could potentially do the same at the next level.
#14 Eric Berry
Position: Saftey
School: Tennesse
Year: Junior
Height/Weight: 5-11/203
2009: Tackles: 83 Int: 2
Analysis: A ballhawking safety that can cover the whole defensive backfield. Has great speed for the position and is able to recover ground quickly when he gets beat. Excellent in run defense, can come up to the line and hit with the best of them. Berry is an excellent open field tackler and doesn’t give up big plays that often. He’s so good of an athlete that he can play both offense and defense. Uses his offensive skill-set well on interception returns and is a threat to score when he has his hands on the ball. A rare talent that you don’t see that often and will definitely be chosen within the first 3 picks of the draft. Resembles Pro Bowl Safety Ed Reed in terms of playing style.
Weaknesses: Size. A bit undersized for the safety position. Could be a problem when trying to break the grasp of big physical receivers and offensive lineman.
Noel Devine #7
Position: RB
School: West Virginia
Year: JR
Height/Weight: 5-7/176
2009 Stats: Att: 225 Yards: 1,297 TDs: 12
Analysis: Big things really do come in small packages when it comes to Noel Devine. He’s very small, but makes up for his shortness in speed, quickness, toughness, and elusivness. Devine is also very strong for a smaller player. Possesses unbelievable balance and is extremely difficult to knock off his feet. Has the ability to plant his foot into the ground and accelerate through holes very quickly. Has a little bit of Barry Sanders to his game. His shiftiness is other worldly. He can make everybody miss by contorting his body in unusual ways. Almost as if he’s playing tag and doesn’t want to be touched. His feet can move in a million directions and it’s hard to tell which way he is going. A player that doesn’t need much room to run and can take it the distance at any time and any place. Has great vision and is excellent at finding the cutback lane. Devine can excite the whole crowd with his bevy of moves. Is always thinking that he can make it into the endzone.
Weaknesses: Size. Noel has always been small all throughout high school and college, and doesn’t look to grow any taller come draft day. Isn’t built to take the pounding an everydown runningback takes. Will mostly be used as a third down back and return man.
Golden Tate #23
Position: WR
School: Notre Dame
Year: JR
Height/Weight: 5-11/195
2009 Stats: Rec: 93 Yards: 1,496 TDs: 15
Analysis: One of the most exciting prospects in the upcoming draft. Has soft hands and can make the acrobatic catches. Makes good effort in jumpball situations and comes down with the ball most of the time. Extremely hard to tackle after the catch. Looks like a runningback playing the WR position. Almost always makes the first person miss. Has great leg drive and is always moving his feet when contact is established. Best part of Tate’s game is his ability to gain the extra yard.
Weaknesses: Route Running. Technique and footwork have some wrinkles in them, but will be ironed out during offseason and pre-draft workouts. Tate is also a bit undersized for the position.

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